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keepin’ it classy

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overheard in a local parking lot:

“You know that guy I slept with last weekend? He just got married. But he ain’t really married, cuz he ain’t left his first wife.”


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

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While at work three guys were talking. They are all 30 years of age and above.

Guy A:”Seriously, that is definitely cheating.”

Guy B:”No. I really think it would be okay with her. Unfortunately it isn’t socially acceptable.”

Guy C:”I really don’t think it would feel that good anyway.”

Guy A:”It depends on what she is wearing.”

Guy B:”So, if she were wearing something silky and smooth it would be more pleasurable?”

Guy A:”Yeah!”

Guy C: “I still think she would get upset. I dont’ think she would care that dogs do it and we find it acceptable.”

At this point I walked away. I am not entirely sure what they were talking about and it may be best that I don’t know.