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No jobs today

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on February 3, 2010 by Redhead

At a company that provides job training and entry level jobs  for developmentally disabled folks. . .  and possibly some plain crazy folks too.

M came up to our receptionist one day saying  “Well I can’t work today.  My hand hurts.  Right there,” (points to the base of her thumb).  The receptionist tells her that she just needs to go and tell her boss about it.  M, who was not listening to the receptionist, says something about “No jobs”. 
The receptionist, thinking that M meant that there was no work available for her to do just says to go back to the shop floor.
That’s when M says “Yep.  My hand hurts. No hand jobs.  No blow jobs.  I can’t fuck for nothing right now”.  She then gives the receptionist  a very nice smile and says “Bye honey.  See you later!” and goes into the shop.